Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right…

Today, I was in a family reunion. My uncle decided to tell us all about the recent e-mail he received. He told us it was one of the most deep e-mails he’s ever received. We all asked why? There had to be something “special” about this e-mail, because e-mails are never too deep. He started telling us about a Power Point presentation and how it had nice colors and nice background music. When he said this I imagined a normal e-mail with downloaded images from Google and piano music just a normal, boring e-mail… To my surprise it changed my life in way… Read it for yourself. You be the judge.

“One day a man sat on his bed and next to him was the nightstand he gently opened the drawer inside it there was a perfectly wrapped box, never opened. He opened it, inside it there was a receipt from a trip to New York 5 years ago and a pair of unused undies Under them there was a note that read:

For a special occasion.

That day the man took the undies and placed them in his wife’s coffin.”

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